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Our Story

Our names are Mel and Ghada, and we are the Co-Founders and Directors of Pantry to Plate Co, a start-up we’d been dreaming about for years until last year finally biting the bullet and putting ourselves on the line to live our dream.

Besties since high school (over 20 years), we are self-declared foodie status, and like to think we are pretty great cooks. Although we are in no way professionally trained, we’ve honed our cooking skills learning and trying new recipes both at home and through global travel, with many tests, successes and failures using our family and friends as test subjects.

We, like so many Australians, seek out and are prepared to pay premiums for quality meats and fresh quality produce, searching for whole-foods, organic and unadulterated product where-ever we can. But one thing we find consistently impossible to find are simply pure un-adulterated dried herbs and spices, the unequivocal staples to every meal.

As you might be aware, dried herbs and spices have such a rich, tumultuous and illustrious history, and yet somehow sadly in the present consumer driven world of today, they have become cheap and nasty commodities. Producers, manufacturers and suppliers have forgotten to respect the product and now treat them like mere add-on's in the kitchen. So many of the products sold in supermarkets are so "watered down" that they have all but lost their integrity and consumers are fooled into what real spices and dried herbs should taste like.

We searched the obvious supermarkets and whole food stores, we searched importers, distributors and online stores and though there is no doubt that there is a huge offering of mixed organic spice and herb blends , we found no-one offered the staple A to Z in its purest form, conveniently packaged with the home cook in mind.

So this is how Pantry to Plate Co. was born. Our extensive experience as heads of Marketing and heads of Product/Project Development gave us the building blocks to start Pantry to Plate Co. Our very own company focused on bringing respect, quality and value back to the very ingredients that brings all food together – pure dried herbs, spices and blends.



While there are many businesses focusing on blends (which we also have as part of our range), our focus remains on the “Pantry Staples”, the single origin herbs and spices that are used for multitudes of dishes and doing them well. Which is why all our products are 100% pure.

There are absolutely no fillers found in our products such as rice powder, flour, added salts, MSG or artificial additives or flavours. What’s on the label is what you get. When comparing to other products, you can literally see, smell and taste the difference.

We designed our packaging specifically for use by Home Cooks because we are Home Cooks. Our products are GS1 ready for retailers.

Our jars are premium and beautiful glass jars with air-tight seal pure bio-degradable bamboo lids, that really elevate the look of the product on the shelf. They are 2 times larger than the standard supermarket varieties, that can fit up to a tablespoon in them – so you can actually cook to measure.

We got rid of the annoying shakers that clog up or worse, fall into your pot while cooking. Not plastic packets that you cut open and can’t seal back up again and not to mention bad for the environment.

Because they are pure product, you don’t need to use as much to get the flavour. So you get more, but use less because it’s all genuine A-grade quality. We take great care to source our products from all over the world to ensure they meet Pantry to Plate’s quality standards. For example, our Szechuan Pepper comes from Szechuan province; our Turmeric comes from India; Our Coriander Seeds, from South Australia.

We Are Not Your Average Spice Supplier

And this is why we’re wanting to collaborate with like-minded grocers who value quality product to help us spread the word about real, pure quality herbs and spices.

Our feedback from attendees of the 2019 Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show (which we’ll also be attending this year), our online customers and our market patrons is that our product is genuine value for money.

So, if our products are something you are interested in, we’d love to meet with you and show you them in person! We assure you that once you see them in person, you’ll understand what we’re raving on about!  



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