Turmeric Powder

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105g Jar. Refill packs coming soon!

(Curcuma Longa)

A uniquely vibrant, slightly gingery musky spice.

Turmeric is known as the "Golden Spice" and is often used instead of saffron thanks to its deep, rich, golden yellow colour and its unique flavour. Turmeric holds a special place in Hinduism and is a key element in cultural traditions such as Mangala Sutra.

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Perfect For:
Turmeric's unique and vibrant flavour makes it perfect for chicken, fish, and vegetables. An essential ingredient in curry sauces, it also goes well with rice, mustard pickles, and chutneys. For a colourful twist add to scrambled eggs, frittatas or even salad dressings.

Medicinal Benefits:
Turmeric, one of the most powerful herbs on the planet, is thought to be natureÕs antiseptic and anti-bacterial agent. Useful in disinfecting cuts and burns. It is also known to aid weight loss, treat gastrointestinal issues, and ease inflammation.

*Please consult your health care professional if your intended use is in place of prescribed medications.


Sourced from the home of Yogi's, Bright colours and the Taj Mahal- India

1/8 teaspoon of ground turmeric = 1 tablespoon of grated fresh turmeric

Storage Requirements:
Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight

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