Food for Thought

Looking for the best way to avoid that winter weight gain? With the warmer months rolling through it's easy to grab that ice cream or that surgery drink...

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How Ginger can bring a kick back into your body

Full of nutrients this wonder spice not only adds flavour to food, it has been used for centuries as a natural medicine. Ancient writings from China, the Middle Eastern, and Europe describe ginger as a medicine. In Asia it was most popular for treating stomach issues, such as nausea.

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Fresh to Dry Conversion

We have taken the time to source the best dried alternatives to the fresh herbs and spices, so the next time a recipe calls for the fresh version, we've saved you a trip to the store.

But do you find yourself wondering how much of the PtoP dried herb or spice to use?

Here is our full list of conversions to help you navigate the change from fresh to dry, saving you both time and money!

Must Haves for Winter Wellbeing

"For centuries Herbs and spices have been used to provide medicinal and health benefits to humans across the world. Civilisations from the ancient Egyptians, to the Romans, Greeks and Inca have documented these benefits which have continued to hold true to today."

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