Nothing makes you feel like you’re about to tuck into a feast like a big side of mash! Our amazing Garlic Mash recipe, made with Pantry to Plate’s 100% all natural Garlic Powder, is the perfect accompaniment to nearly any main. Give it a go and tell us what you think!  


1kg Bag Potatoes 
1 Tsp Seasalt 
1 Heaped Tbs Garlic Powder 
60g Butter 
1/3 Cup Milk 
Extra Seasalt for seasoning 
Dried Parsley Flakes for Garnish 


  1. Peel potatoes and cut up into large pieces 
  2. Place potatoes and seasalt in a large saucepan and bring to the boil. Continue cooking potatoes until soft (but not falling apart)  
  3. Remove potatoes from heat and drain well 
  4. Using a potato ricer, potato masher or a fork, mash potatoes  
  5. Place mashed potatoes, butter, and milk in a saucepan on medium heat 
  6. Using a wooden spoon, stir until butter has melted and mixture is well combined and heated through, and season with salt to taste 
  7. Remove from heat and place into a mixing bowl. 
  8. Add Garlic Powder and mix until well combined 
  9. Serve topped with extra butter and sprinkled with dried parsley flakes    

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