Cinnamon - Natures Secret Weight Watcher

By: Kerrie-Ann Crombie

Cinnamon - Nature's Secret Weight Wathcher

Looking for the best way to avoid that winter weight gain? With the warmer months rolling through it's easy to grab that ice cream or that sugary drink...

If you're a Cinnamon fan and looking for something to incorporate into your diet, get familiar with cinnamon's top benefits and beautiful flavours. You are in for a shock when you find out the recent studies that have proven beneficial for your waist line.

CInnamon Drink

This sweet bitter tasting spice has been around for generations and not only enhances the taste of your foods, but can also do wonders for your health and well-being. Adding cinnamon in your everyday meals is not only tasty but aids in losing that extra fat that's not needed by suppressing your appetite, regulating your blood sugar levels and speeding up your metabolism.

There are several ways you can include cinnamon in your diet:

  • Adding it to your baked goods
  • Sprinkling it on your tea or coffee in the mornings
  • Putting it in your protein shakes
  • Cooking it with your curries and rice
  • Adding it your cereals, and more

When intending to lose weight it's important to always remember that regular exercise and a healthy eating diet is essential with any weight loss regime. No spice or herb can do this on its own, it only succeeds with the help of moving.

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