Feature Herb: Rosemary

Botanical Name:

Rosmarinus Officinalis

Taste Profile

A distinctive combination of lemon pine and charred wood.

Parts Used:

Its needle-like Leaves, which can be used both fresh or dried.


Native to the Mediterranean, and perhaps the single most potent stand-alone herb known to man. Historically, wreaths of Rosemary were often used during wedding ceremonies to symbolise fidelity and love.

Perfect For

Rosemary’s earthy flavour is perfect for roasted lamb, poultry, potatoes, & tomato-based sauces. It’s great in marinades & spice rubs & combines well with oregano & garlic. Add to bread for an aromatic twist, or mix with melted butter to create a delicious spread for your dinner roll.

Release the Flavour:

Infuse 1tbsp of Rosemary with 1tsp of olive oil for about 10 mins to rehydrate and bring out the full flavour.

Pairs Beautifully with

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Recipe Inspiration:

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