"We have always
had a love affair
with food."

We are a pair of high school friends and self-declared foodies who, for us, food is the barometer of life, death, and all that is in-between. We have always had a love affair with food, which started when we were children. Birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries were always a spectacular feast, intended to share the joy. In sickness, our parents made us soups, broths and hot teas. In summer, barbeques and picnics with friends and family were the norm.

From weekend brunches to family lunches what all this food had common is bringing us together. It allowed us to care and to connect. Food is embedded into our souls, and into our very being. We understand the importance of creating those perfect meals. Whether it be our daily sustenance or the Sunday family feast, we know that love grows with togetherness, and that food is the main reason for bringing friends and family together. And now, over 30 years later, it's something we’re passing not only to our children, but also onto you, our foodie family.    

"Our vision is to give to you a premium quality brand of pantry staples that embody own our personal values - genuine passion and care for what we do and who we do it for, you! Our Foodie Family."

Whilst we enjoyed our jobs and the people we worked with, there was no real passion, no real ‘pull’ or desire of “Yes! This is what I was born to do!”. We realised we wanted more. We want to work for a company we are proud of. A company that sets itself apart by being excellent. A company that cares for its employees like family.

"We hand-picked the products we offer and believe that quality, freshness and flavour are the cornerstones to our success."

We’ve spent years refining our cooking skills. We’ve travelled the world in pursuit of flavour and technique, and never has or will our desire to learn waiver. Our passion for showing love through food is so strong that in our constant pursuit for culinary perfection, we found the one thing all home cooks and self-professed chefs are missing is “A Grade” Quality Pantry Staples. A combination of dried, whole, ground and flaked, herbs, spices and blends to bring our culinary creations to life.

We hand-picked the products we offer and believe that quality, freshness and flavour are the cornerstones to our success. Our products are not “watered down” like most products available in supermarkets today. They do not contain fillers like flour, rice or salts to lower costs, nor are they processed to the point of losing their integrity or flavour. And we guarantee that once you have opened a jar of Pantry to Plate Co.’s products, you will immediately notice the difference.

We are so considered in our process, that we’ve sourced quality glass jars that are double the size you will find in supermarkets. And you guessed it, you can fit a tablespoon in them. We know you don’t sheepishly sprinkle herbs into your cooking. You are bold and add pinches or spoonful’s. So we’ve gone away with the shakers that get blocked when your shaking them over a hot pot (or worse, fall into your food, ruining your dish!). So whether you’re the methodical scientific precision home chef, or the rustic ‘don’t measure, just cook with taste and feeling’ type, we have something for every type of home cook to make your dishes the best they can be.

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

We aim for the best, and we want to provide our culinary community with the best.
We would love to hear from you, our Foodie Family, on what you need to make your dishes the best they can be.  

Please get in touch, let’s keep the pursuit for perfection going!