Co-Founder & CEO
Ghada Turner

Spice Profile: Masala Chai
Rich and warming.

Ghada, affectionately known as “Ghads”, is Pantry to Plate Co’s other half. She is a mother of 2, who’s love of all things food is very nearly as strong as her love for her children. (Sorry kids!). Her cooking style can only be described as ‘rustic’, and cooks by heart and taste, more than by recipe. Moderation has never been a strong suit, where she is renown for ‘cooking for the masses’ (even though the table setting is for 4 people!) And her biggest fear is that someone will leave the table hungry. There are very few things in life that make her happier then seeing an empty plate with a full stomach.  

Professionally she has worked in senior roles within Project and Product Management for most of her career, which explains why she has a deep love for all things degustation and menu planning! Her roles at P2P include cooking, Marketing, Sales, Logistics and HR.

Co-Founder & COO
Melissa Murat

Spice Profile: Chipotle Chilli Powder
Earthy, with a medium heat.

Melissa, who goes by “Mel”, is one half of the passion behind Pantry to Plate Co. She is the quintessential foodie, who’s love of food and creativity stretches into a deep passion for travel, new experiences and photography. She’s mother to one pre-schooler that keeps her on her toes, and 2 fur-babies who are also partial to the foodie lifestyle with their mama cooking them wholesome home cooked meals too!

Mel’s unquestionable talent and creatively flows into her workplace, with several years experience holding senior executive leadership positions in global companies across Marketing, Sales, and New Product Development. Mel’s roles at P2P include the fun stuff like Operations, Product Development, Graphic Design and the analytical stuff like finance!

P2P's Resident Chef
Sian Dardenne

Spice Profile: Ground Ginger
Fierce and peppery with lemony undertones.

Sian, (pronounced Sharn!) is a stay at home mum of three. She is a food lover in the form of tasting and creating whilst being money conscious and most definitely time savvy.

Prior to becoming a full time mumma, Sian worked in the corporate world in roles of strategy and initiative management, change management and project management.

Sian now spends her time cooking exciting and delicious meals, snacks and treats that keep her and her family smiling and their tummies full! There is nothing more enjoyable than hearing your pre-scholler old say “wow mumma...yummy yummy! More please!”

Sian’s role at P2P is to share easy(ish!), delicious, affordable food ideas that you can whip up in your own kitchens for your own families and friends, without spending a fortune or copious amounts of time slaving at the stove. Happy cooking everyone 😊

E-Commerce Manager / Factory Hand
Pascal Murat

Spice Profile: Cinnamon Ground
The most versatile sweet and savoury spice known to man.

Pascal, AKA ‘Pas’ is a husband and father of 2. He is a lover of all foods and flavours. One of his favourite quotes, is “Food is the ingredient that binds us together”

He specifically appreciates the moments and memories that coming together over food can create. From catch-up lunches with friends, the romantic dinner for two, the quick wholesome weeknight dinners, and those big family get togethers.

Admittedly, he may not to be the greatest cook in the kitchen, but he certainly appreciates the tastes & aroma of good food and is lucky to have a family that can create it.

Pas has over 20 years’ experience in Sales and Customer Relationship Management, Warehousing, Logistics, Laser and Plasma Programming.

A true ‘Jack of all Trades’ Pas’s role at P2P includes Managing and Development of the P2P website, and E-Commerce Platforms. Development of Digital and Web Content, Sales and Customer Service Support as well as Operations and Fulfillment Support.