Footy Favourites

With the AFLW nearing the end of a sensational season and the AFL season heading into round 3 at P2P there’s only one other thing to focus on… THE FOOD!! Here’s some ideas to boost your footy feasts and make this season one to remember.

Thai-a-nara pies:

What’s a big game without a pie? Our Thai-a-nara pies, made with P2P’s unreal all-natural Thai Seven Spice will blow your mind! Find the recipe here.


Beef & Bacon Sausage Rolls:

A twist on the traditional sausage roll, this savoury yet sweet pastry, containing P2P’s all-natural Fennel Seeds is great to have in one hand while you have a beverage of choice in the other! Find the recipe here.


Ginger Honey Soy Chicken Wings

You just can’t go wrong with sweet and sticky chicken wings! Our delicious Ginger Honey Soy Chicken Wings, made with P2P’s delicious all natural 100% Ground Ginger and Garlic Powder is sure to hit the spot and have you licking your fingers afterward! Check out the recipe here.


Garlic and Rosemary Air Fried Chickpeas

A tasty snack that really hits the spot without all the guilt, our air-fried Garlic & Rosemary Chickpeas a whirl! Made with P2P’s all-natural Garlic Powder and our dried Rosemary Leaves, trust us, this is a little number made for sharing but you won’t to! Click here for the recipe.


Sweet Szechuan Dipping Sauce

Bored of the standard dips and marinades? Then give our Sweet Szechuan Dipping Sauce a crack! Made with P2P’s all-natural Szechuan Pepper, don’t be surprised if you end up using this one on everything! Find the recipe here.


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